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Dear BIS Family & Friends;

January 1, 2022

Dear BIS Friends and Family,

I hope you have been enjoying the winter break with your loved ones. We have a couple more days before we return back to school, which is Monday, January 3rd, 2022. 

There is a lot of talk about the Omicron Variant of Covid-19. The CDC just released new protocols regarding Covid-19, Burlingame School District will be following the county guidelines as published until we hear otherwise and we will certainly share them, as soon as they are officially communicated. I have seen several emails from colleagues and community members asking about what to do?  As a family that has been isolating and quarateening for the better part of the break, two of my sons tested positive just before Christmas. One had cold-like symptoms, the other was asymptomatic...completely, not even a sniffle. It felt like we were back in 2020, all 5 of us together, in the house, cooking, doing dishes, watching TV, and annoying each other. Sound Familiar? The only thing missing was the boys' Zoom times with their teachers and classmates. 

I want to ask us all to take a Covid test prior to or upon returning to school. It can be through the Ambry Testing, (We will be sending a kit home with all students on Monday, January 3rd. Please have your student return them on Tuesday morning before noon. Please be sure to register your student and the sample. See attached directions. NEW Covid testing kit directions Eng_Span (1).pdf), Curative, VirusGeeks, private healthcare professional or other reputable testing site. We appreciate you helping us keep our students and staff safe from the virus. If your child has any symptoms, (See attached daily symptom tracker Daily Symptom Tracker - Updated (2) (1).pdf) like a cold or cough, please do not send your child to school on Monday...Get your child tested and be sure they tested negative before sending them to school. 

Been Exposed & Not Vaccinated? Self-Quarantine.  If you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID-19 and are not vaccinated, then you should quarantine from the date of exposure. If you’ve had no symptoms, you may end quarantine after 10 days from your last contact with an infected person OR after 7 days if you test negative Get Quarantine Tips

Tested Positive? Self-Isolate.  If you test positive or have symptoms of COVID-19, self-isolate to protect your family, friends, and community. You should self-isolate for at least 10 days after your symptoms start (or 10 days after you were tested if you never have symptoms). After you self-isolate and before you can be around others, your symptoms should also be improving (including not having a fever for at least 24 hours). Get Isolation Tips

Some general information:

BSD will not require proof of negative tests from staff or students to return to school on Monday.
BSD will still offer free PCR tests on Monday 1/3/21 to all staff and students. All students will get a kit on 1/3/22. Here are Directions to register your test here. Thank you to our volunteer teams for developing & maintaining this incredible offering. BSD Testing Data

Please keep students home if symptomatic. Daily Symptom Tracker - Updated.pdf  
Please consider travel recommendations & consider testing independently if your family traveled or attended large gatherings. The testing sites are extremely fast & easy to access. 
San Mateo County still requires 10-day isolation with a positive test.

I hope that the rhythm of school gets back into the swing as quickly as we can. We will get through this together.


Erica Gilbert, Principal