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Staff Directory

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Contact Paul Aguilar  Paul Aguilar Teacher
Contact Jennifer Ansara  Jennifer Ansara Electives
Contact Lisa Biccari  Lisa Biccari World Languages - Italian
Contact Kristi Birrell  Kristi Birrell Electives
Contact Susan Bosnich  Susan Bosnich Electives
Contact Danielle Bowling  Danielle Bowling Special Education
Contact Angelica Cadden  Angelica Cadden Teacher
Contact Jennifer Camp  Jennifer Camp World Languages - Spanish
Contact Lena Chang  Lena Chang Library Assistant
Contact Courtney Clark  Courtney Clark ex: 6373 Art
Contact John Collaros  John Collaros Music
Contact Emily Cruze  Emily Cruze Humanities
Contact Michelle Darbonne  Michelle Darbonne Humanities
Contact Brooke Darmanin  Brooke Darmanin Assistant Principal
Contact Christina DeGregorio  Christina DeGregorio Science
Contact Denise Fabris  Denise Fabris Electives
Contact Suzanne Felipe  Suzanne Felipe Science
Contact Tara Galvez  Tara Galvez Humanities
Contact Gigi Gonzalez  Gigi Gonzalez Staff
Contact Daniel Haas  Daniel Haas Physical Education
Contact Rusty Hopewell  Rusty Hopewell (650) 488-3663 Wellness Coordinator
Contact Amber Hughes  Amber Hughes Electives / Connections
Contact Jennifer Ibos  Jennifer Ibos Counselor
Contact Nohemi Krell  Nohemi Krell Humanities
Contact Charles Lee  Charles Lee Teacher
Contact Jasmine Lee  Jasmine Lee Staff
Contact Sowmya Madabushi  Sowmya Madabushi Teacher
Contact Heather McLean  Heather McLean Math / Science
Contact Kathleen McNally  Kathleen McNally Humanities
Contact Dave Moore  Dave Moore Dean of Students
Contact Myrna Mora  Myrna Mora Teacher
Contact Cory Morgan  Cory Morgan PE
Contact Therese O'Keane  Therese O'Keane Electives
Contact Joe Olcomendy  Joe Olcomendy Teacher
Contact Tatiana Olivencia  Tatiana Olivencia Attendance Secretary
Contact Jeff Osberg  Jeff Osberg Science
Contact Heather Polcik  Heather Polcik Humanities
Contact Amelia Ramos  Amelia Ramos (650) 259-3830 Humanities
Contact Allison Rolfe  Allison Rolfe Math / Science
Contact Pam Scott  Pam Scott Principal
Contact Anne Shamiyeh  Anne Shamiyeh Mathematics / Science
Contact Doug Simon  Doug Simon Music
Contact Lori Talo  Lori Talo Special Education
Contact Charles Tinkham  Charles Tinkham Humanities
Contact Meng-Ping Tsai  Meng-Ping Tsai world languages/ Mandarin
Contact Allison Twaddle  Allison Twaddle Teacher
Contact Niharika Tyagi  Niharika Tyagi Math / Science
Contact Marisol Visalli  Marisol Visalli PE
Contact Patricia Von Tersch  Patricia Von Tersch Science
Contact Patrick Wilson  Patrick Wilson Humanities
Contact Dawb Yang  Dawb Yang Counselor
Contact Jessica Yen  Jessica Yen Humanities